Nearby Sights + Things to Do

After you have rented your motorbike from the hotel, you can adventure around the area to see all the beautiful & cultural places the island has to offer! Check out a few that we highly recommend:

Balian Beach : What brings many visitors to Istana, the infamous beach only a 5-minute walk from the hotel. Perfect for enjoying a beer while watching the surfers, or a sunset walk on the black sand. A much quieter beach, with that amazing Bali charm.

Medewi Beach : Another surfer beach town in the area, only a 30-minute bike from Balian. Great for surfers of all levels, and different food & drink options along the beach.

Penglukatan Beji Hindu Temple : Off the beaten path, you can find these large statues crafted alongside the mountain. Here you can simply walk yourself through, as well as do a traditional healing ritual in the waters of the temple with the local guides.

Sade Waterfall : This long & magical waterfall is quietly tucked away only a 40-minute bike from Istana.

Belimbing Rice Terraces : Only a few minutes down the road from the waterfall lays a vast overview of many rice fields. There is even a local warung there so you can have a drink or snack while taking in the views.

Vihara Dharma Giri : This buddhist temple is known for where you can observe a largely carved white sleeping Buddha with less crowds